Apr 26th

A loss, at an unexpected time.

I guess there’s a reason why Monday’s tend to suck. Finding out someone you know passed on, on a Monday morning, probably doesn’t help. It had been a while since Ryan dropped into IRC on the Apple II side of things, but during the tsunami warning for Oahu that resulted from the Japanese earthquake disaster, he did drop in to let everyone know their status. I remember one July late night waiting for Ryan to arrive from Hawaii, only to get a call from Union Station L.A., “there is no train, they said the next one won’t be for a couple hours, and I have hardly any battery left, and the cleaning lady gave me crap about plugging in.” I would have gone in the airplane to get him like I did in a previous year, except that transit between LAX and Union Station had quit for the night, too. The alternative was a rip off cab ride from hell, probably. I told him to stay there. I’ll be there in an hour. At 1AM it was pretty quick to get there.

Ryan had been into a lot of things, over the years of telling stories on bicycle adventures, and rocky trails, and the like back in the days of GEnie A2, way before the Yovelle Renaissance purchase, (or as we used to call ‘it, ‘Yowreckum’), and later IDT takeover. He’d come in and tell how he nearly rode of the side of a cliff or some other harrowing hair raising adventure. I always figured that would be his end, someday we’d come into A2 and hear about how he’d gone missing.

It’s 2011, and .. well, no bike, just a morning hike. Rest in Peace, Ryan.

When I looked at the IRC session, I had to scroll back a little after reading a few lines. just to make sure I wasn’t reading what I think I was reading, and .. in a parody of your immortal words. “This Sucks!”

You were and inspiration, and this morning I’ve realized that even more than ever.


The first podcast will be dedicated to you.


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