the is a Retrocomputing & Technology blog that is mostly Apple II-Centric, but anything is fair game. I’ve been ‘retrocomputing’ since it wasn’t ‘retro’. My roots on the Internet go back to the era of usenet access by whatever means you could talk someone out of in the mid 80’s, usually by dialing into someones mainframe, usually illegitimately I might add ­čśë .. in which your access could just go *poof!* in an instant. Rarely if ever would anyone get into trouble, if anyone would even bother to do anything other than close the account, hole, whatever. It was so common in the day..┬áMy first web site was bits and comments on a shell account until I registered and started posting photos and articles there and the technology evolution has brought us to now.┬áPeriodic entries on the are related to the growing up in the 1970’s and 80’s, and the technology that was introduced along the way, how it relates to today, keeping it going, and whatever else comes to mind when I feel like adding to the site.

This site, and it’s related sites are informally referred to as the 16 Sector Network. In addition to Retrocomputing some of the other things I’m into are┬áAviation, Civil Air Patrol,┬áR/C Aircraft manufacturing, Laser Cutting and Model Ship Building.

The site name is simply something Apple II that came to mind when I got the bright idea to do this, and registered the domain. Information on the Reset Vector as it pertains to the Apple II can be found among the oldest entries on Apple’s support KB