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Prototype Apple II systems and peripherals. Every idea starts somewhere, and in the process of creating that first one, things change, become obvious, or become obviously fruitless.

A2 Systems

Discover the various Apple II Systems up close, and some of their unique features.

A2 Clones

Imitation is the Sincerest form of Engineering - Why think, when you can Clone! (and cash in, too!) Usually it collapses under legal pressure, but sometimes it works..

A2 Peripherals

Just when you think you can't do that with your computer .. someone will design something to do just that.

A2 Library

Apple II & Related Manuals, Books, Software Packages, and such. Like a window shopping trip back in time. Egghead Software, ComputerLand, the Byte Shop, and other computer store shelves might have looked like this.

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Digging In-II It

We 'Dig' Apple II's, and you can come along ... It's Crate Fun!

33 Photos