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Prototype Apple II systems and peripherals. Every idea starts somewhere, and in the process of creating that first one, things change, become obvious, or become obviously fruitless.

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A2 Systems

Discover the various Apple II Systems up close, and some of their unique features.

A2 Clones

Imitation is the Sincerest form of Engineering - Why think, when you can Clone! (and cash in, too!) Usually it collapses under legal pressure, but sometimes it works..

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A2 Peripherals

Just when you think you can't do that with your computer .. someone will design something to do just that.

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A2 Library

Apple II & Related Manuals, Books, Software Packages, and such. Like a window shopping trip back in time. Egghead Software, ComputerLand, the Byte Shop, and other computer store shelves might have looked like this.

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Digging In-II It

We 'Dig' Apple II's, and you can come along ... It's Crate Fun!

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