The Making of Dragon's Lair - Micro

Making a 1.6" and 3.2" scale model Dragon's Lair upright video game cabinet. I wanted to see if I could do it from scratch, so I measured my cabinet and created the parts in CAD and then converted it to CNC for Laser Cutting.

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The Making of Dragon's Lair - 10 Inch

After making the 1.6 and 3.2 inch model, I scaled it up to 10 inches and applied the needed fixes. 10 inch is about right scale wise to use 1/8" plywood to give a scale thickness appearance.

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The Making of Dragon's Lair - Artwork Overlays

This is the artwork- Side Art, Marquee and Control Panel Overlay creation for the 'CD Scale' cabinet. These were done using color laser printed graphics and then cut using the same scale as the cabinet model. The marquee is made using a 1/32nd thick mylar sheet to match the back and then glue the cut printed paper to it. If LEDs are placed inside the top it would produce a lit marquee.

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