Feb 28th

A belated .. Happy II Year!

2012 already gives me the feeling of it’s not slowing down for the Apple II. 34 years after the it was introduced, rose to a market leader, and returned to the hobbyist market that started it. 12,686 days.

34 Years, 8 months and 23 days.

A lot has come and gone, and a lot is still with us in little ways we might not even realize. The Apple II set the standards for a lot of the personal computing industry as we know it today.

Trade shows, publications, user groups.. and more. Almost everything has a following. People have interests in all kinds of things. From Elevators to Exhaust systems. YouTube is loaded with shorts on these two subjects. Seems that people even collect wheeled trash carts and can tell you all kinds of stuff, what city used this kind first, and seek to collect them, even repair/refurbish them, and get a thrill out of seeing them getting tipped. (As in the truck picking them up and dumping the contents into itself.)

..and people think computer collectors, hobbyists and historians are nuts? Whatever. That’s right, whatever it is, someone probably collects it, tracks it’s existence and can tell you exactly what they were doing when each variation was released, even if it’s not standing in a line waiting for one themselves.

Welcome to the ResetVector.com, and what I hope becomes a periodic blog of technology now, and then, and what ties it together.

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Until the next post…


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